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What We're About at


Our Vision, Mission, & Plan

Our Vision is to create more joy and harmony in the world.

Our Mission is to guide writers through a rigorous 10-month online creative writing program.


Here's how it works:


Phase 1 (September-November):


Fun and generative writing workshops that develop our sense of word, sentence, & scene

Bi-weekly workshops + feedback & direction from your mentor (Ellen, Irene, or Michael)


Phase 2 (December-April):

Work Toward FORM

Take the hot lump of metal we've generated (goal for this phase: 50 pages) and find the form that brings your writerly intention into its sharpest focus

Bi-weekly fiction & nonfiction workshops through June, followed by one-on-one feedback & direction from your mentor


Phase 3 (May-June):


Shaping & honing & going even deeper into the work through group workshops, in which we will understand how to hear, use, & give feedback that helps writers attain their true intention for their work.

Throughout the course, each writer will experience a personal & in-depth feedback from your mentor to discuss your work, your experience, & future possibilities.

In the interest of inspiring ownership & authority in one's own work, as well as supporting a practice of ongoing literary citizenship, a public reading/sharing of each writer's work, in person or online, is a component of completion of the course. 

THE FORGE Schedule

Bi-Weekly Three-Hour Online Meetings: September thru February

Writing & Mentoring: March/April (no group meetings)

Weekly Meetings: May & June, Group Workshopping & Revision​

Our Values, or, a Word About Why

Why come to The Forge?


Why commit to a writing program of such rigor? You already write. You have things you want to say. But many smart, dedicated writers such as yourself are missing what we consider critical pieces of the puzzle: a writing community, the kind that can listen & respond in helpful ways. How does The Forge fit in?


  • We help shape the work and coach you to control the fire & force of language through attention to craft and accountability

  • We encourage you to step into your identity & purpose as a writer--and really own it

  • We  embrace & support a mutual and inviting literary community that sustains and celebrates your individual writing practice

If not now--when?

10 month tuition to the FORGE: $6,000

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